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We endorse the Velomon system for selling Cash Value Life Insurance. In order to sell more Life Insurance  - stop selling Life Insurance. Instead, start talking to people about what Life Insurance does.

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Financial Education Services

Get paid to prospect and get in front of people that need what you have to offer. People need help with credit. You can help them repair and rebuild their credit. You can get unlimited referrals from professional s who need clients with good credit - Real Estate Agents / Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Home Improvement Contractors, Solar Companies, etc.

Once you've helped these people with their credit challenges it's a natural transition to help them with their Life Insurance, Retirement Planning, Health Insurance or any other line of insurance you might be promoting.

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Circle of Wealth & Infinite Banking Systems

We encourage agents to investigate the Circle of Wealth / Personal Economic Model and Infinite Banking concepts. These are excellent systems for showing prospects how to unleash the power of all that Life Insurance can do for them.

Contact us to discuss how these powerful systems can increase your production while helping your clients immensely.

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